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Thread: Drivekey/Wii Safety Questions

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    Drivekey/Wii Safety Questions

    I was wondering if I should Close my wii completely up, right now its naked. I only put the medal case over the 2 boards that come apart.

    also should i get heat absorbing tape to put under my drivekey so it doesn't fry? do i even need to worry about the chip frying? right now there's duck tape under it. its taped down with the sticker that came with it... you know.. the hot Asian

    got any tips on how to take good care of my wii?

    also, i took out a little circular magnet peace... what is that for and should i keep it in my wii?

    i put it back in.
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    come on people, a simple answer could save me 300 dollars.

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    You're asking the 'Homebrew/Hack Issues', a section that is predominately concerned with softmodding, about your opened Wii case.

    I'm no rocket scientist, but I reckon you'll get a more prompt response if you post it in the sections dealing with chips.

    Not only that, but when you do, waiting all of 2 hours then crying you didn't get a response, that's pretty LOL.

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    oh, didnt know this was the wrong section.

    sorry, but if anyone sees this they can still help lol


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