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Thread: modded wii online capability?

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    modded wii online capability?

    i wanna know if i can go online with my wii, my wii has a drive key in it, will Nintendo ban me from online?

    can they find out? will they ban me?

    will they only catch me if i use certain online modes?

    also my wii is open right now is that a big deal?

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    Don't use Ocarina/GeckoOs cheat codes online.

    That's the only thing that gets people banned.

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    omg i love you, can i play Japanese games?


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    also, i didnt put heat absorbing tape or w/e they say to use under the chip, i put duct tape under it, is that fine?

    and i put the metal peace back on it, should i take that off to let it have more air?

    or should i rebuild it back to a fully built wii!

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    I guess having your Wii guts exposed is somewhat okay if its working still. I would assume you just have to keep everything extremely clean and dust free. Dust is hell for sure. Is there a reason you have it open?

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    and i kept it open because i was lazy, also because i was worried the chip would over heat.

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    Hmm, I see. I would think unless your playing your Wii 24/7, heat wouldn't be an issue. But its your call...just be careful since its exposed.


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