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Thread: Is it bad to play DVD movies on the Wii?

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    Question Is it bad to play DVD movies on the Wii?

    So is it bad to play DVD movies that i rented on the Wii? The app that allows me to play the DVD movies work and everything, but my cousin told me that i shouldnt be playing DVD movies on the Wii because the Wii wasnt built for that.
    Is he right? I really shouldnt play DVD movies on the Wii?

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    Haha, you should uninstall HBC, because the wii wasn't built for that.

    Anyways, you should be careful, it DOES put some extra strain on the laser, and if you go overboard you may have to get a new one. I'd go to the nearest Walmart/Pawn shop and buy a DVD player. It saves more money in the long run.

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    I agree, why waste the drive's life watching movies? Thats the reason you have USB loaders, play your backups without killing your drive over time.
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