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Thread: Error code 324 on japanese wii

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    Error code 324 on japanese wii

    My wii won't read most of my games. It will read some of them, but on most of the games I get error code 324. I get the same error code whether I try to run the game from dvd or in usb iso loader.
    My wii was original a japanese version, but I changed it to a european one with english menu. I also changed the game region to european. Later on I read on the web that this was perhapse not healthy do do.
    But I've tried changing the region code back to japanese without any luck.
    Does anyone know why I get the error code and why on some games I don't get this code?
    Any help would be apreciated.

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    324 Error could mean many things. Are you burning your discs at proper speed? Do you have the necessariy IOS's installed for your back up launcher?

    My 324 error was finally solved when I let my Wii cool down. Ridiculous isn't it? I just simply turned it off for a while and the discs giving me errors started to work.


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