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Thread: Trucha Signed Games

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    Trucha Signed Games

    I followed dogeggs recent post and everything works great but trucha signed games dont load in the disk channel. Is there anything else I need to do?

    USA 4.1 Wii d2pro9 mod

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    uh they wont unless you have cioscorp, burned games don't load through disc channel as far as i know. i would not recommend it but use softmii or cioscorp and you can load through disc channel

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    they worked fine on 3.2...

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    as stated, i have a d2pro9 mod chip.....

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    Unless the 4.1 update stops the chip from working, everything should be fine

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    it doesn't stop the chip from working please read better before posting...

    I already upgraded I am talking specifically about trucha signed games (i.e. SSBB DVD5) that don't load in the disc channel


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