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Thread: WiiKey V1 Beginner Help!

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    WiiKey V1 Beginner Help!

    I'm having trouble with the Wiikey V1, i'm a very beginner and don't know much about any Wii hacking. I've serached the forum's and the net and can't find any simple instructions so i'm hopeing someone here can help!

    I got the Wiikey clip on and installed it with no problem, but when i put the case back together what is the next step? It sounds like a stupid question i know but everything i find is talking about updating and stuff, but i just want it to run then i'll worry about updating!

    I've got 3.4E.

    I burned an image of a game, but it causes an error and says i need to eject and reset. I used Verbatim DVD's at 2X.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    What sort of error? What game did you burn?
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    did you download the wiikey update disc or config disc from the wiikey site?

    download the update and install it then download the config and run that. make sure the settings are what you want and it should work.


    or you could just download the config disc and make sure everything is configured correctly. if you're trying to play a newer game or one that is on a dual-layered disc you will probably have to update the wiikey before it will play though.
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