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Thread: Problems Viewing All Applications in Homebrew Channel Main Menu

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    Problems Viewing All Applications in Homebrew Channel Main Menu

    I've installed the Homebrew Channel and downloaded several applications from the Homebrew Browser.

    However, when I return back to the Homebrew Channel to launch the applications, I run into a problem. I simply cannot select anything past the first page of applications. I will push the Right Button and/or the + Button and am shown the next page of applications for a brief moment but then it returns immediately back to the original page with the first 4 apps on it.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Uhmm try hiting the right button on the right if that doesnt work reinstall homebrew

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    No luck. Any other suggestions?

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    Did you try a different SD card, or maybe reformat your current SD. You never said what your firmware is and if you are using a SDHC card. This may sound silly, but is all the apps in the folders been named boot.dol?


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