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Thread: Hermes cIOS 222 Installer Problem!

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    Hermes cIOS 222 Installer Problem!

    So last night I was trying to installer cIOS 222 so I would be able to play Rock Band with the instruments. I went through and picked all the settings I wanted but when I picked IOS 36, the screen would freeze. I went through the process different times and the screen would freeze every time. If anyone knows how to fix this, it would be really appreciated.

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    Same problem here. Why does it freeze on me everytime.

    I'm running HB w/ IOS 249 and USB GX Loader.

    Any ideas?

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    same thing here - 222 installed on one of the wii's fine (4.2). but the second one was an identical setup with 4.2 and just pressing A when installing freezes it?

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    try selecting IOS249 or 250 and then install it. might not freeze.
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