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Thread: Wii Sports Resort Pal Problem

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    Wii Sports Resort Pal Problem

    When I try and boot it from neogamma, it reads the disk but then shows an error screen, like the wii has experienced an error.But the error screen is messed up, as its got bars going through it and it's fuzzy.

    All help is appreciated.

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    For everybody thats having problems this is what i did and it worked perfectly :

    Update my cios to cios 38 rev 13(Which installs as ios 249)

    Download and install neogamma version 6(As a channel/back up loader)

    Grab my sd card and did this -

    create a folder on root of sd card called neogamma and inside that folder i placed the RZTP.DOL in there.

    Now i go to the neogamma channel and press start and then options appear -

    Now i select oo2 fix - on
    Alt .dol - on/sd card

    Save configuration

    Now i select load the disc and it works,watch the wii motion plus video(which lasts about 2 minutes)then the wii will boot back to system menu.

    Now i go back to the neogamma channel press start,now on option screen i turn Alt .dol to - off

    Save configuration.

    Launch disc and you can now play wii sports resort without any problems.

    wii v3.2(E)

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    It showed the video, but then I turned Alt .dol off and its giving me the black screen.

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    Unhappy wii sports resort

    hi im useing usb loader gx and i cant get the game too boot at allit will show a blue screen sometime that reads eero 2 anyone can help plez do my game reads wiisports pal what is that about ty

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    doesnt work for me... why???

    hi guys,

    i've been trying to get this game to play on my wii for days now.

    its the pal version. as i live in holland....

    i've done everything thats written on several threads here but nothing seems to work for me, and i cant figure out why not.

    The last thing i tried is to do the thing with extracting the player.dol and renaming it to RZTP.dol and placing it on my sd in the neogamma folder.

    All of the settings spoken of above, i've done.... my wii finds the new .dol on my sd otherwise it would say it doesn't. But when he tries to load the dvd it turns black (with a green edge below) when i turn my hdd recorder to ntsc in stead of pal its just black......

    i am using all of the latest sofware like cios38 rev 14, and neogamma r6 really confused!!!

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