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Thread: Need a helping hand Wii Sports Resort PAL

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    Need a helping hand Wii Sports Resort PAL


    Okay after going through the threads, with the NTSC/PAL/arguments working not working etc, I am stuck, my head is going to explode, etc, you know the thing loads of threads but can't see the answer for the letters.

    Okay can some kind soul tell me exactly what I need to do to get Wii Sports Resort PAL to work on a PAL wii 3.2 using the USB HD.

    Many thanks for anyones help.
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    If you're PAL on PAL you shouldn't need to do much of anything. The "fix" in that thread is slightly confusing.

    You're going to need to boot the game using alternate dol. If you're using a newer build of LoaderGX you can just go into game options, use alternate dol, use dol from disc. It may pop up a window and have you select which dol. It'll be obvious.

    The game boots up, you watch it the stupid here's how to do the obvious. It'll take a few minutes. It'll reboot you when done. Afterwards go in and turn off alternate-dol, and turn on 002 fix. Done.

    If you run into some problem just post in here.

    edit: Also, if you downloaded a scrubbed copy it's not going to work because said video wont be included. However, if you've watched the M+ video on TW, GST, or WSR-J, you can skip that step anyway.
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    Thanks, will be a couple days before I can test it as they were out of the add-0n for the controller here.

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    I've got the same problem. Where would i download the alternative dol from anybody?


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    If you're using *GX you can just alternate dol from disc.

    Otherwise, this torrent here has it included.

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    Oh one other thing, I am on Rev10 should I or do I need to upgrade it to Rev13?

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    Original Wii sport resort on wii?

    Hi guys.

    I'm really new to modified wii and I need some help.

    My wii is modded with wiikey, PAL version which is updated to 1.9s firmware on 3.1e version. I have an original wii sport resort game as a gift from a friend and when I load the game for the first time, there's a prompt for update when I load the game, but I'm not sure if the current version of my wii is compatible with the game (pal version). I was afraid it might brick my wii.

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    You've seriously got a Wii and never played Wii Sports? I thought they all came with it.

    I'm somewhat surprised that Wii Sports would require an update anyway as it's one of the oldest games.

    If you are pure hardmod with your Wiikey then go ahead and update as long as you are sure both your Wii and the game are PAL versions. If you are heavily softmodded then be more careful, although generally it is safe as long as you have the hardmod.
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    Ahh it's wii sport resort, as in wii resort.
    It's rather new so I don't know if it the updates that come with it might ruin my wii.
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