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Thread: Softchip Ioctl error

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    Softchip Ioctl error

    Well I have Softchip r99 on my HBC. I used the hermes installer to install "IOS37 merged with IOS36" as IOS222. I did this because I wanted to be able to play rockband backups without screwing with the neogamma I have that runs on IOS249 since it works just fine, and it's not broke.

    But when I tell softchip to use IOS222, when I launch the game I get

    Error: Ioctl (DI_readDI)

    Saying it can't read the game disc in the drive. But when I tell softchip to run on IOS249 the game will load up just fine (Minus the instrument support of course). Anyone have any idea's as to why it can't load a game backup off anything but IOS249?

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    Ok bro, it's a new day. After failing you so miserably I've made it a little side project to figure this out with you. The bitch of it is though, that I don't have any instruments or the game itself. So i'm blind at testing anything.

    RawkSD -

    There's a post on gbatemp that says what some random guy did to get stuff working. There are a few replies later on where other people said they followed his advice and got stuff working. You'll probably have to google and search around for the tools he says he used.

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    I got a message too.

    I have a WII 4.1k.
    I installed softchip and everything needed to run backup DVD.
    I burned 3 games.

    1. DECA SPORTS(Korea)
    3. KART RIDER(Korea)

    I launched upper game on the softchip.
    DECA SPORTS ran very well.
    but when i launched No2, 3 games, I got a message "Exeption : Ioctl Error (DI_readDI)"

    what is fault?
    I burned all games at Max. speed.


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