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Thread: I screwed up my wii!!!

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    Exclamation I screwed up my wii!!!

    So here is what happened. I was trying to install this game My life as a dark lord onto my wii,, but it wouldnt let me. So what i did was i found this thread

    and did what the person (kato) said to fix it. So i already had the IOS16 on my wii but not the CIOS249 so i copied that into my SD the installed it just like he said. But I still couldnt install My life as DL. So i gave up and decided to play one of my games. But then when i ran the Backup Launcher i got an error called
    (DVD error 349) now i cant play any of my games like i could before. WHAT DID I DO? HOW DO I FIX IT? PLZ HELP.

    Another thing when i was on the Homebrew channel a window popped up asking if i wanted to update my HC from 1.01 to 1.03(i think those are the number i just remember it being from 1 to 3). So was it because of this?

    PLZ HELP ME. I wasnt the one who hacked my wii it was my cousin so i dont know what i did to make the BL stop working and how to to fix it.

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    You say it won't let you install the game. What sort of error messages or symptoms are we talking about here? Is it crashing? Coming up with a message of some kind.

    Error 349, from memory, is a DVD read error.

    I'm guessing you've installed the cIOS incorrectly and it's overwritten the one you had working.

    I would look into installing cIOS again, perhaps using the tutorial from the following thread.
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