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Thread: grand slam tennis with wm+ seems broken

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    Unhappy grand slam tennis with wm+ seems broken

    Hi I'm trying to play GST with a wii motion plus but the racket is all over the place, it doesn't seem to be working properly. I've tried usbloader1.5 and neogamma6 on a ver2 wii with waninkoko's 4.1 update. Anyone got it working well?

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    read the instruction manual that came with it. You need to reset after each swing by holding the "racket" at the neutral position. Which, would generally be centered infront of you ~chest level.

    Meaning, if after you hit the ball, you are slow to pull back to "neutral" and your racket is way the hell out there. That way the hell out there spot the game will consider your 'neutral' position.


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