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Thread: SELLING Nintendo Wii Nothing Fancy Just Wii

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    SELLING Nintendo Wii Nothing Fancy Just Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    With Everything, Inc Box.
    And Wii Sports
    Never Been Openned Modded Ect

    Jus Plain Wii For Your Hacking Needs lol.

    Do What You Want..

    Asking 160 Gb Pounds (Cant Do Pound Sign For Unbeknown Reason LOL)

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    You can pick them up brand new for about 175 these days so I think you're asking for a bit much. Just my 2 cents

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    15 pounds 15 pounds lol .... Hmm I Geuss Id Sayy 145 thats GOOD

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    145 British pounds = 238.06100 U.S. dollars.

    WOW! You can buy a brand new Wii for $250.00US here in the States.
    And under $200.00US used.

    Oh! By the way they are still selling swamp land in Flordia..LOL.

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