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Thread: Burning Mario Kart Wii?

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    Burning Mario Kart Wii?

    I have tryed this sevral times and i keep geting DSI error.
    I burn it at 4x speed using a maxell DVD-R and when i try ot load the game up i get DSI error.
    I jsut want ot know how do you burn it properly.
    Here is 2 questions i would like to ask:
    1: Do i make the IOS to 249?
    2: Do i patch Mario Kart Wii.ISO to make it not update?

    If you could help me, that would be great.

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    Question how to do moon jump??

    hi i would like to hear how to do moon jump in mario kart wii. if some one can tell it to me

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    I burned with all the same specs...

    Maxell DVD-R @ 4x with ImgBurn...

    But i'm running it through Neogamma R7 backup loader, and IOS-249, but i thought all HBC apps install through that...

    NEOGAMMA R7 - OGAM.wad
    /\/\Neogamma WAD installer for your own channel...(Its what i use.) Just add contents of folder to apps and install through WAD Manager and your channel should pop up...

    If you don't have WAD Manager in your HBC then google for 1.

    Also 1 thing with loading Mario Kart through Neogamma R7, I had to go to Region Option>Video Force>and NTSC480i(Because i have 4.0U firmware). If you have PAL, there is a PAL option.


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    If forcing video with NTSC doesn't work try forcing with Wii. Some of my backups have to be pushed this way.


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