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Thread: Help with Wii Wad Manager, Unknown Error

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    Cool Help with Wii Wad Manager, Unknown Error

    Hello everybody, I just joined today and I have already run into an error with hacking my Wii. I am not very good at this as I just started two days ago but I am also learning quickly.

    You see I hve installed all the Homebrew applications I feel I need like the Homebrew Channel and Wad Manager and such and all of them work fine. My main problem is that I have installed the Wad Manager and so far it does not read Wads with the error coming up "ERROR = -1035). I searched for a litle while but nobody else seems to have this error making it extremely annoying as I have been trying to get it to play copied games on mine.

    The Wii has been upgraded to version 4.1, pretty new I think although I have had my Wii for almost two years. I have successfully burned a Wii Game: Pokemon Battle Revolution but cannot get it to work on my Wii.

    I am pretty much at the end of my rope because I made my promise to my brother than he could play Pokemon Battle Revolution and he can't as of yet.

    Can anybody help, many thanks in advance.

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    Hi and welcome to Wiihacks.

    You are not alone with error 1035, it's quite a common error when trying to install non signed Nintendo wads on a Wii.

    What you need to do is fix your Wii by installing a cIOS so that you will be able to install further goodies.

    Check out the following tutorial
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