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Thread: Playing MCW (Mario Kart Wii Backed Up) Wont work help?

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    Playing MCW (Mario Kart Wii Backed Up) Wont work help?

    When i get go gama launcher, i load up Mario Kart Wii, and i get this error:
    Expansion (DSI) Occurred
    there is a bunch of #'s here
    Code dump:
    bunch of #'s here

    Could anyone tell me how to fix this?
    I am using 3.2U and Mario Kart Wii is set to ISO249 and i installed DVDX (advanced) and i have installed CIOS Rev 7.
    I Burned it on a DVD -R Maxell and burned at 4x speed.
    If anyone could help me that would be great.

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    Do all of your other games work?

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    Get the latest wii scruber and delete partition 2 (i think so make sure to get a backup of the .iso) the partition 2 is the MK channel so... ya

    This time i made sure....

    I'm gonna help you

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