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Thread: Game collector 3.1

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    Game collector 3.1

    Thought some people might like this . I use it for my wii games and vc , wiiware. Good to catalog games of all systems. Just be sure to read the nfo. I did'nt know where to put it but I guess this could be a utility ...anyway enjoy
    Game Collector Features and Screenshots

    Just noticed there are a,b,c,d rar files hilight them all and extract then you will have rar,0,1,2 just hilight and extract a hassle I know i will reup with just one rar

    fixed link rar now only one part DOWNLOAD
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    OK man, got this working, and it's awesome! Apparently I have 113 games....this will make it a lot easier to keep track of them!

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    Wouldn't you like to know
    Very Useful. Thanks for posting!

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    note pad works ok too, 600+ is too many to add for wii, and 4000 is even more tough for DS

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    A Pretty Useful Program, Thanks.

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    just thought I would throw this in because I didnt read the nfo when i got it so now i cannot search their database anymore but everything else works great the nfo is loooong in my opinion. well here is the part i should have read

    We will state it again clearly, don't search over that limit in
    one large update to your database! Example would be 50 to 75
    back to back automatic searches/updates in one use. If you do
    half of the normal limit (25 searches) and more at a later time,
    you'll be fine as we have patched the counter inside your
    collection file. For people that refuse to listen (like you
    nuker), you have been warned! Change your IP if you somehow
    forget this, or wait for the ban to be lifted if you don't
    listen. You still have ALL the other Pro features anyways.

    if you do happen to update lots of games at once as i did 50+ then you'll just get a trial expired notice instead of game details and covers


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