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Thread: 3.1u to 3.2 already hacked system

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    3.1u to 3.2 already hacked system

    I have a 3.1u wii that I modified for use with usb loader.

    What I have done so far.

    Used bannerbomb to load Hackmii Installer 0.2
    Installed HBC 1.0.3 and Bootmii beta 2

    Installed cIOSv13

    Installed USB Loader GX r627

    I can load games off my 500gb hard drive with no problem.


    What would be the procedure for updating to 3.2u with everything I have done?
    What benefits would I get by upgrading to 3.2u?


    I can't see to get the USB Loader GX channel or forwarder working. I can run it from the HBC, but I would prefer to launch directly from the wii menu.


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    It'll be a ginormous waste of time with little benefits. There's gonna be like 3 random people that post after me that say huh uh you can get preloader! -- and it only bricks 1 in 5 wiis.

    Just install wads from TRUSTED sources and you're fine.

    I'm 3.1 have been forever, never plan on updating, and there's not a game out there that wont work just fine for me.

    As for the forwarder, sounds like you dont have it in the correct directory on your sdcard.

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    What is a preloader?

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    I have checked my sd card path over and over, I can't seem to find an error.
    I use \apps\usbloader_gx\boot.dol

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    Skips updates, which your USB loader already does for you. Provides brick protection. Amongst a few other things. Use the search.


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