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Thread: 4.1u Sn LU65

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    Exclamation 4.1u Sn LU65

    Hi there, been reading post for quite some time here but im definetly new to the wii. There is alot of information, maybe too much for a new guy like me. I have a brand new virgin LU65 wii running 4.1u. I want to be able to play backups from USB sticks or DVD, whatever... What is the best method to accomplish this ? I dont want to end up with a brick...

    Thanks for you help.

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    So i wasnt going to answer this thread becuase it's obvious you havent even hit the guides section at all. But then random kid there had to toss in his 2 cents of nothingness, thus forcing my hand.

    Just follow this guide

    As the title of the guide suggests, it works on ANY wii.


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