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Thread: Swap DVD-Drive with D2C machine?

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    Swap DVD-Drive with D2C machine?

    I have my wii since launch, and I have never modded it.
    I am having problem with it recently, so they are sending me a replacement for exchange. Now I am worry that if they send me a replacement unit with the D2C chip.
    If I swap my old unit's non D2C drive with the D2C wii, then would I be able to mod it in the future?
    Thank you guys in advance!

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    there is a d2c mod already. d2ckey

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    Yes, but it seems real hard to real hard to install it, since there are like 20 wires to solder....

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    actually 31 wires... ouch!

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    It is pretty likely that they'll send a new version...

    There is rumor of a D2C mod coming that is much less crazy... I'd say wait it out and someone will have a new solution soon.


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