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Thread: bricked wii + savemii

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    Question bricked wii + savemii

    I have just ordered a savemii and really hope it can save my wii..
    but i need your help, i also need a bootdisc/recovery/autoboot disc when i do the savemii. can anybody help me find a disc? to download and burn or to put on my SD card.
    My wii has a modchip "wiikey" and i had homebrew on it.

    It Bricked when i downgraded from 4.1 to 2.1

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    use a game that has a higher system menu than what you have on your system, if its at 4.1, i don't know if this is possible

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    i have a softmodded bricked wii with 4.1 firmware can a backup of wii sports resort which also has a 4.1 update work, or does it have to be higher?

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    WSR has a 3.4 update so no.
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