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Thread: can this be done??!?

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    Lightbulb can this be done??!?

    ok, so i just hacked my wii, soft hack... anyway, so i was wondering considering i hacked my psp and can load iso from the memory stick, is it possible on the wii? i know there is the thing that alows you to load the games of of the dvd-r, can you use that same thing, load it off the homebrew chanel then have it read an iso file that is downlaoded to the memorystick? afterall you can probably have the BOOT.dol link to the disk drive in the wii, (or atleast name the folder what the disk drive is) then load the game that way... as far as i know, mind you i just now made an acc on here to ask this qustion....

    but with this, wouldnt you be able to link the BOOT.dol file from the backup reader to the ISO game taht is downloaded to teh SD card to be played?

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    Yes you can load isos from the USB port. What you put in there determines the number of games you can have at any one time.

    Look for USB Loader 1.5 and enjoy.
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