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Thread: Preloader bricked my wii

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    Preloader bricked my wii

    Hi there,

    Hopefully i can calm my nerves down just enough to type this and make sense of it all.

    So i have a 4.0u wii that i softmodded using bannerbomb. I did a bunch of mumbo jumbo with cios## rev whatever ios this and that. anyhow i had it set to where i could run homebrew channel, the browser, and install/uninstall and wad i wanted. I somehow managed to put the preloader wad in with all my games. When i went to run my WAD manager to install a game i wanted i hit preloader. And like an idiot said :hey i've been wanted preloader just in case i brick my wii: so i went ahead and installed without reading anything about it. I figured its wad. how bad can it be.

    So i install it, and it runs. I get to the preloader screen. and i hit the first option to go back to the system menu. i then get the garbled looking message aabout looking at the operations manual and corrupt something. i then remembered somewhere i read don't worry just reset it and it'll be ok. But i can't get it to go.

    I can get to preloader and HBC. I noticed that the preloader was v0.28 and that it wanted to update to v0.29. so i said maybe it'll fix it. i let it do its thing. but when i confirm the update it gives me some message across the screen that doesnt make any sense to me. And then throws me back to the preloader screen Without updating it.

    Would it be bad if i used the wad manager to uninstall preloader? is that even possible? I just need it back to the way it was 30 mins ago.


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    Holy crap, i just fixed it myself

    I used any region changer to install 3.2u. and it seems to be working just fine!

    I'de still like to hear any comments you might have.

    If you dont know how to use any region changer.

    download it from wiibrew. unzip it. and copy it to the apps folder of your sd card. rename the .dol file to boot.dol from there run your preloader, get to homebrew, run the any region changer. and let it do its thing. Keep in mind that if you decide to mess with any of the options you'll run the risk of bricking. so if you know what youre doing then go for it. dont worry bout the korean stuff at the beginning.

    go down to the option that says install 3.2 (or 3.3 for korean) and hit the go. it'll start working. it takes a good 5-10 mins for it to download everything and install it. once done it shoots you back to the region changer menu. hit the exit to homebrew or system menu! if you see the health warning it worked!

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    ok thanks. im shaking so badly right now. the same thing happened to me but i managed to fix it by reinstalling the preloader. but im sick of tired of all of this crap and im like so scared i can barely type this out to you. but now i just want the freaking preloader, and all other homebrew for that matter, GONE! so using the any region changer, that gets rid of the preloader, right? so then all i have to do is format my wii and i should be good to go?

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    sorry to hear about your slight misfortune amigo.

    But yes. running any region changer will remove the preloader and restore your wii. If you had system menu great than 3.2, any region changer will downgrade it to 3.2 U (E for europe, J for japan, or K for korea). But if you have homebrew channel on your wii. ARC will leave that alone, so after downgrading to 3.2U, it'll still be there.

    As far as formatting, i've never done it. But yea ARC will remove preloader.

    Im afraid to reinstall preloader myself. But with installing wads i need a safety net. Im just gonna leave me wii alone for a bit and run it the way it is.

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    ok thanks. yeah after the multiple scares preloader has given me today, im done with homebrew altogether. i mean i think i got the backup launcher to work, but i didn't get to try because im so scared of bricking my wii. like everything was good until i installed preloader. now im afraid to even touch my wii. to be honest, ive left it running all day because i dont want to turn it off and turn it on to find the freaking preloader menu there! im just like, dead scared.

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    actually the "bug" you've gotten is very much expected. When upgrading to 4.0 with preloader already installed you will get this problem. The solution (as NoobSlayer already figured out by himself "the same thing happened to me but i managed to fix it by reinstalling the preloader.") is by just reinstalling preloader in hbc.

    As for Noobslayer, if you don't want to mess around with "this crap" any more I think the best idea (presuming your Wii is still working) is that you, before you think about removing any eventual installed IOS, preloader etc., read up on the process of virginizing your wii on forum posts etc. so that you won't accidentally really block your wii in the process. if you however do continue with trying to softmod your wii then preloader is a great tool, myself I softmodded 2 of my friends wii's this wekend for the first time and if you just follow the right guides to the full you are quite safe against bricking, Good luck!

    EDIT: adamjamess: to have a safe modded system bare in mind that having preloader and (especially) bootmii as boot2 (and a nand backup) can save you from many bricks.

    Best regards, Rixard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rixard View Post
    EDIT: adamjamess: to have a safe modded system bare in mind that having preloader and (especially) bootmii as boot2 (and a nand backup) can save you from many bricks.

    Best regards, Rixard
    Yea no kidding. I do plan on using preloader again. Now that im down to menu 3.2U i hope preloader works with me. I'll just need to go and reread all the guides, howtos, and tutorials. just to make sure i get it right. i understand that preloader and bootmii are essential to fight "bricks". go team!

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    So I have System Menu 4.1U, with HBC, DVDX, Backup Channel, and USB Loader GX Installed (with a forwarder channel)... And I just installed Preloader 0.29 and BootMii as a safety net (backed up my NAND BEFORE installing Preloader, mostly because of this thread!)

    Should I leave preloader as the initial boot? I kinda want to forward to the System Menu (and I know holding reset on boot gets Preloader Menu)... But if my system menu bricked would that trick still work? And are the "System Menu Hacks" like moving the disc channel "safe". Sorry if these are noobish questions, I just want the safest (and most cosmetically appealing ) way to have a soft modded Wii.

    And this is a little off-topic, but what exactly is up with the 20102 error I keep hearing about? And why does it seem like these bans come in "waves"? I've also heard conflicting reports from different sources that the bans come from using Ocarina only, and others say just having the Homebrew Channel (HAXX file) can get you bricked... Anyone know what's up? I use Ocarina completely disconnected from WiiConnect24 occasionally (freakin' 150cc!), but when I go online I always remove the app completely from the SD for precaution... I've been fine so far, but I use Wii Connect 24 so much it would really suck to get and IP/Wii ban from the Ninty servers...

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    Actually Preloader when setup corretly will actually help prevent you bricking your Wii.
    Also BootMii another one that you guys should take a look at if you afraid of bricking your Wii,but really its quite hard to do.
    Just remeber DO NOT UNINSTALL Wads you don't know.Do not uninstall IOS and CIOS rather reinstall the version you want to use.When installing wad be sure you know what they going to do.Most HomeBrew Apps don't change your boot files or make any changes to you IOS if they hang your system you just neeed to power it off.
    LISTEN TO ME!.... at your own risk.T&C may Apply.

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    Thanks, but I've already got that all together. Any answer to my questions? ^

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