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Thread: Using PC instead of External HD

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    Using PC instead of External HD


    Used the search but can't see anything similar asked before.

    I have a external USB HD for USB loader GX - all works great. Its just a little small. - 40 Gig

    Tomorrow I maybe getting a spare PC with a bigger HD - 160 Gig. While I know I could always just buy a HD caddy and use the HD as an external HD I would like to connect the PC to the TV and use it for basic internet.

    If there such a thing as a USB emulator?

    I.e. I plug a USB wire into the Wii and PC run a bit of software that makes the PC emulator a X size external drive. Hopefully then the Wii USB loader would then work as normal?

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    I'd probably swap the drives so the 40 Gig is in the PC and the 160 Gig is the WBFS drive.

    The only other application I can think would act like this is a backup application linking 2 PCs by USB. I know there used to be stuff doing this using the Serial port but these days with networking so easily done is there such a thing? One drawback even of this is that you'd need a layer of software on the Wii which you'd need to code yourself.
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    correct me if I'm wrong, but a pc's usb and the Wii's usb are master connectors and are hooked up to slave devises, and when hooked together they will fight for dominance, one would or both could be damaged in the process, ( I smoked 2 pc motherboards trying this 3 years ago before I had home networking ) so I won't be doing that again

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    It's absolutely not possible. Neither device is going to identify itself to the other, and even if they did, the other would have absolutely no idea how or why.

    Hi. i'm windows.
    Hi. I'm a wii.
    Good talk russ.

    Unless you were to write a windows driver from the ground up, and/or a wii cios, which lol, no. Give up that idea right now.
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    why dont u get the HDD from your old pc and get one of them serial port to USB converters?

    This time i made sure....

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    You can get a USB cable to connect two PCs together. It has a chip/circuit built into it that allow two PC's to talk to each other. Its called a USB Network Cable. Or some call it a Bridged USB Cable. There are numerous PC software/drive packages out there that you can use as well.

    Now there is also a type A to A USB cable (no internal circuit) sold out there that you do not want to use for connecting two PCs together.... It will fry your USB ports if you hook it up between two PCs. I'm not even sure what this cable is even used for.

    Both have Type A male connectors.

    But for the sake of this thread... As stated above.... there is nothing on the Wii/HBC side that I have seen that would allow you to do what you are wanting to do.
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