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Thread: Microphone on LU64+ softmodded Wii

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    Microphone on LU64+ softmodded Wii

    I have a LU64+ wii running 4.0 with cIOS13b installed. I also have preloader 0.29 installed. I am attempting to get the USB microphone to work. I understand from reading that an old cios (rev 8 or 9) will work and allow USB mics to work, but I cannot install an old cIOS as I am on a LU64+ wii. I have also read that newer cios versions support USB microphones (rev 12, 13a etc..) but I have tried all of them with no success. I have tried installing hermes cIOS222 (and cIOS223) and using uLoader and usbloader GX, but still no success. I always get the "no USB microphone is attached" and I have tried Guitar Hero World Tour, American Idol, and Rock Band 2. I don't really need to run the game from a USB loader, I could run it from disk (backup) if necessary.... I just want it to work.

    So basically my question is this..... Has anyone successfully used a USB microphone on a softmodded LU64+ wii?

    Your help is appreciated...
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    Were you ever able to figure out a way to get the microphones to be recognized in your GHWT and other games that require a mic?

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    Yes, I was in fact doing nothing wrong. The brand new microphone which I had purchased was broken. If you have a PC, you should be able to test it. Plug the microphone into a PC USB port, and the PC should recognize it if it works properly. Once I bought a new mic, all my games worked perfectly.


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