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Thread: PC won't read SD card

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    PC won't read SD card

    Ok got a little problem wanted to add some apps to my SD card and when i plugged the SD card into my PC it askes me to format the card. I have no copies of the content on the SD card so i really don't want to lose everything i have on the card i wouldn't have an issue formating if only i could backup my card can anyone out there help me out on this one cause i am clueless right now?

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    did you format the card with a USB Loader, to WBFS? If so, ya, whatever you think is on the card, isn't on the card anymore. Unless you mean games. In which case just use WBFS manager to add more.

    But that's all you can add to a WBFS filesystem - wii games.

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    Thats a tough one, I don't think there is any way to back up your SD if the PC wont recognize it.

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    I used the Wii for the original format all i have on the card is just my apps and homebrew. i have a usb for the games which is why i'm kind of at a lost here. i was able to read my SD card before when i added my usb loader don't know what changed now but if i have to format my SD card i really need to backup my card some how which is why i need the help. Aslo if i have to reformat and lose what i have do i have to do the twilight hack all over again?
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    Once the HBC is installed in the wii you won't lose it by re-formatting your SD, so you don't need to do the hack again.

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    Well at least some good news guess its time to start hunting for my programs.

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    Lol if it makes you feel any better, it happened to me the other day. But I wanted to re-format my SD just remember to place all the folders like it was previously. i.e (apps,etc..).


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