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Thread: possibly remove homebrew browser?

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    Us possibly remove homebrew browser?

    hello. I will explane my situation. I have 3 emulators (genesis, nes, and snes) which I have 3 channels for them each having a dol forwarder. All the dol forwarders point to the right folder except for the nes one. I dont know exactly what the folder name is but I had to change it or else I wouldnt be able to load that emulator. Since I had to change it, when theres an update for that emulator within the emulator itself, I cant update it. I want that update messege to go bye bye. To get that messege to go away, could I just remove the homebrew browser from my sd card? I basically never use it anyways as I always download the updates off the internet and put them on the sd card manually.

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    Of course you can delete it. Homebrew Browser is not an integral part of any homebrew setup and if you ever need it again then you can just copy it back to your SD.
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    I agree, but will that stop the nes emulator from always wanting to update? I get the update messege everytime I start the emulator. The version I have now works fine so I dont want to update it.

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    does the nes emulator check itself? I don't have wifi on my Wii so i've never paid any attention.

    Just manually download the latest update from here. Put your SDcard in your pc, make a back-up copy of the one currently use. Then copy over the new version. If for some reason it doesnt work, you're only out a few minutes of your time.

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    Actually Im an idiot. I know how to fix this duh myself. I just downloaded the channel again. This channel already has a dol forwarder in it but it points to the wrong file thus causing me to change the folder on my sd card so everything works. Thats why I cant update. Anyways, I downloaded the wad again. I will download the correct dol forwarder and use wadder to inject the forwarder into the wad, then install the new wad deleting the old one.


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