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Thread: NO wii menu

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    NO wii menu

    HI I am new to this ..I softmodded my 3.1 .it was working fine with the backup launcher but won't play games off of the external hard drive...In trying to fix that I rememebr that on one of the screens I changed the settings from Sytem menu to Homebrew..And now I can't access the wii main menu. Everytime I restart my Wii it goes to homebrew and I have no idea how to get the main menu screen back..

    All the help willbe much appreciated...

    Thanks a bunch..

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    hold reset when you power up the wii, that should bring you to preloader, change autoboot to system menu voila

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    Thank you very very very very much..VashTs.

    Could you please guide me how to sussessfully install the software to use my external drive to run my backups..

    Thanks again..

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    Sorry I am running 3.1 U version..


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