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Thread: SoftMii 3 and USB 2.0 CIOS help

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    SoftMii 3 and USB 2.0 CIOS help

    Hi everyone ,

    First off, I have a LU64 Wii with 4.0 I'm trying to install USB 2.0 CIOS for MPlayer CE v0.7. When trying to install USB 2.0 to CIOS60 I get this error: "The IOS <60> hasn't fake sign bug enabled!". Not sure what to do. When watching DVDs, about close to the end of the movie, it freezes. This is from watching the movie from the beginning. Not sure if USB 2.0 CIOS would help. If not, would be good for better streaming of videos from my computer.

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    try reinstalling a patched ios60 and then try to install usb2 again

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    Hi Dogeggs . I've tried that just yesterday, thought it would work... but it doesn't.


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