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Thread: How do i save Gamma backup player settings?

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    How do i save Gamma backup player settings?

    When i load games with Gamma most will play in black and white,but when i set to force ntsc they work fine,how do i save the force ntsc so i dont have to set it every time i play a game? and what causes them to play in B/W?

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    if u are talking about neogamma u go an change the save settings to yes ( you need to have a sd card in the wii for it to save) as for why it plays in b/w that i dont know.. but i imagine one the other that know more then me will be able to explain!

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    I think he is talking about gamma considering thats what the thread title says. Actually I downloaded a gamma channel (wad) that actually has the force NTSC already saved. So reguardless if the game is NTSC or PAL, when I load the channel, it automatically forces NTSC. I honestly dont remember where i got the wad, but you can find it by searching for it on google.

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    he could be talking about gatorgamma, i dont use that so i dont know what the options are in it but as far as i know its a diff app. then neogamma.. maybe not though!. but i have tested this if u dont have a sd card in the wii it will not save ur settings or atleast with r4 it doesnt! unless i have a bad wad install of it.. bc it doesnt save on any of the 5 wiis i have softmodded with out a sd card in the wii!


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