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Thread: Can't get PAL Sports Resort working on an NTSC WII

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    Can't get PAL Sports Resort working on an NTSC WII

    Okay, so I will tell you my story, but first my system: A hardmodded US wii, i have the gecko channel,the homebrew channel,the neogamma channel, i have the ios 38 and i have a wii motion plus and a pal tv actually. So i tried to get to boot the dvd using the neo gamma method by using the .dol files( the ones having the videos) but neogamma tells me "timeout". I renamed the RZTJ01 file to RZTJ and even to RZTU(i know it's silly!), i force started PAL on gecko and neo gamma..... i tried EVERYTHING i googled, i searched here and NOTHING.......btw tiger woods and grand slam work fine and i saw the motion plus video, both games are PAL also it's been nearly 4 hours and i can't seem to find a solution, if any one can help i will be VERY greatfull. Thank you all in advance

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    that's because it's impossible. Wait until July 26th.

    If your TV can truly support pal, don't force anything. Let the game do it's thing. But if your TV doesnt actually support true PAL.. it will NOT work no matter WHAT you do.

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    I have a US Wii and a d2pro9 and get a black screen using the PAL wii sports resort. Anyone know how to fix this?

    The only way I could get it to work was using NeoGamma R6 with anti 002 fix and using the alternate .dol (which came with .iso) from the homebrew channel. Even though its pal do not force the video. Use only the 2 previous options.

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    there is no way to play PAL wii sports resort on a NTSC machine!!! NADA, NO WAY!! unless of course your TV supports PAL, then you can play all you want, or you can play in black and white

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    @alaaalayat. You search here and found nothing? Give me a break. There are several threads on here that deal with this game not working. There should really only be 1 thread for it. It just shows that people do not actually search for any answers, but instead just start a brand new thread about something that has been started days ago by several others. Its really starting to get annoying. The pal game DOES NOT work on a ntsc console UNLESS you have a TV that supports pal signals. If your TV doesnt support pal signal, dont even bother trying the game. Its that simple.

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    I am almost positive my TV doesn't support PAL signals and plays wii Sports Resort through neogamma but not through the game channel with my d2pro

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    well then you are the only person on the internet to get it to work on NTSC. Congratulations. I look forward to your virgin birth.

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    guys relax a bit I did say that I have a PAL tv and that I play PAL games on my NTSC machine that's what the chips are for, I did search my friend and the results I found were the other way around trying to get the Jap version working on a PAL Wii. Thank you anyway but btw I seriously did everything and searched well this is my first ever thread in the site and I've been a member for a while so easy on me

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    @IlxFuSiOnxlI: what alternate .dol that came with the iso? I only found the RZTJ01.dol( to let the Jap work on PAL Wiis) and the RZTP i found in a torrent for the game to work on PAL.

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    i used the RZTP.dol from the PAL release on my USA wii

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