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Thread: Need help soft modding a Wii (new to this)

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    Need help soft modding a Wii (new to this)

    Ok, I was following the tutorial by dogeggs, and all was going well until I had to use the wad manager. It gives me a ret error -1

    I have looked into it, but I am so confused as to what to really do. If I could get maybe some personal help through MSN or something, that would be great.


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    oh and my firmware is 4.1, but I keep reading places that it really doesn't matter. Just use 4.0 tutorials.

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    Homebrew problems

    I am fairly new to this I have soft modded 1 wii, just started another it is running 3.3u I performed all steps for twilight hack after I try to install the homebrew channel I receive an error it reads ES_Add ticket Failed-2011.
    So the homebrew install fails. Please any help will be appreciated.

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    Hello there, try having a look at the new style of mod. Not the twilight hack as this is outdated now. Just install Homebrew Channel and Neogamma R6 and you will be laughing. Dont need to install any Rev14 or CIOS etc


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