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Thread: Usb loader partition

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    Usb loader partition

    I installed usb loader 1.5 and it asked me to make a partition to my USB massive storage device but i have some stuff and i don't want to lose it. Is it possible to make the partition and not lose any of my stuff?

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    Yes it is. You'll need a partition program such as easeus.
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    what is the partition type i will need to create? i know it's not fat or ntfs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jubei View Post
    what is the partition type i will need to create? i know it's not fat or ntfs.
    WBFS partition

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    I tried Easus and they do not have the option to create the partition type i need. How else can i get the partition without losing the information on the hard drive?

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    just make two partitions and get WBFS 3.0 adn partition the drive you want for your wii games.

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    If you run vista, just go start->control panel->admin tools->computer management

    click on disk management. Click the drive you already have stuff on. Right click it. 'Shrink Volume'

    It'll keep all your files you have on the hard drive, and create new free space you can then create a partition with in WBFS manager.

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    I have a 4 gig usb stick and i used wbfs manager to create the partition and i was able to put a game on the partition. When i loaded usb loader 1.5 it told me that there are no partitions and i must create a one. What am i doing wrong?

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    If you still have the game ISO on your computer let usb loader 1.5 partition the usb stick then put the game back on to it with wbfs manager on your computer
    Making sure you pick the partition you made for wbfs
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    I tried what you said and i get the same issue. I have wbfs manager 2.5 and uploader 1.5 should i try usb loader gx instead?

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