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Thread: NeoGamma R6 "error loading menu"

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    NeoGamma R6 "error loading menu"

    I'm trying to use NeoGamma R6 to launch backups. Each time I try to load a backup a message appears on the screen - "error loading menu". Am I doing something wrong?

    I tried to use NeoGamma R4 but as soon as it loads the Wiimote connection is lost, so I have no control.
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    Any one able to help? Thanks.

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    Try reinstalling the wad as a channel or try the Gamma backup loader

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    Start off by telling.

    What version WII.
    WHat CIOS and IOSsen have u installed..

    Uninstall all u can
    Start by Formatting SD card Copy bar minimum back to SD card.

    Try reinstalling...

    Have u got the right ios example : IOS60 Patched.......


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