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Thread: Region Free on PAL Wii?

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    Region Free on PAL Wii?

    Hi, over the past week I've installed a variety of hacks and patches, including enabling region free games. However, I have read that I should be cautious running games from other regions since they may auto-update my Wii and brick it. Is this true, and if so is there a list of the games that do this so I know what to avoid?

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    Are you booting the games from a backup launcher? Be it disc or USB launching? If so, no, there is no risk of bricking.

    As for a list of games though, that answer would be impossible to give. Any game that has an update to your Wii from another region could region brick it. But again, as I said, if you use a backup launcher, that's not going to happen.

    edit: I see you mention burning SSBB and loading it through disc channel. In that case, simply run BrickBlocker on any out-of-region game. It'll remove the update and any possibility of being bricked.
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    I am using Backup Launcher, but have patched my Wii to load from the disc channel too. So, that's good then! Thank you.


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