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Thread: wii sports resort pal error 002

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    wii sports resort pal error 002

    Is there a fix for this as you needed one for mad world and sonic the hedgehog and various other games.

    thanks for your time.

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    A little more info would be good.

    Have you tried NeoGamma?

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    I tried to load the game and its just black screen all the way. Same thing too when i use NeoGamma

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    You put the dol file in the neogamma folder on your sd card? When you started the game, you had alt.dol set to on and anti 002 fix to on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelight1974 View Post
    thanks will try when i buy wii motion plus

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    you definitely need the wii motion +

    For mad world at the time I had to patch it! using wii scrubber and the other program I cant remember right now...jeez..but I dont know if you have to do that now with the updated IOS's since then...also Neogamma has the error 002 fix in it'll prolly work along with the right setting like force wii or disc. Like I did with wii sports resorts PAL and JAP

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    hi abit stuck here!!! i've changed the setting on the neogamma then launch the game but it come up with sd/neogamma/RTZP.dol not found?
    can anyone help please
    would very gratefully

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    Worked ok for me. Funkysy, althoug you should have neogamma on your apps folder, you must create another NeoGamma folder on the root of your SD and put the RTPZ.dol inside it...

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    Hey all. I've done all what's said. Using the latest neogamma with the settings, load game I get a black screen and after a while I get "this disc cannot be read" message anyone any ideas ?

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