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Thread: wii ware games not working now!!

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    wii ware games not working now!!

    So as of recently, when I install a wii ware game, it won't load?!? it plays the title screen and audio, but instead of loading the safty wiimote screen, it just shows a black screen?!? thought it was just water warfare , tried region free and pal, but nothing. then tried different download of water warfare, still nothing. So i tried a diff game, sandy beach; same problem. thought maybe it's the newer games. then tried snowboard riot(a bit older), SAME PROBLEM . tried playing the games i installed before prob and they still load fine.

    installing waninkoko's firmware update 4.1
    installing his 13b
    all wads rgn free and pal

    My thoughts:
    problem with the wad installer because it's the games i'm installing now, but i'm using waninkokos installer, latest (1.4 i think it is).
    Is there an IOS i need to install?

    any help or suggestions would be appreciated, even if you think it's obvious, i might not have thought of it.

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    Moved to homebrew section.

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