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Thread: How to edit Homebrew Apps appearance.

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    How to edit Homebrew Apps appearance.

    do you have an app on your sd card that you use but its unattractive and ugly due to the fact it doesnt have its own icon or description? well i have had a few of them and came up with a way to personalize how they show up in the homebrew channel. so heres a little guide to get you going.

    you will need the following tools. download here.
    i have included a base_icon.png / base_meta.xml / and the program Wii MetaXML Editor.
    you will also need Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 installed on your pc.

    basically the meta.xml contains the apps information and displays it appealingly, and the icon.png is the "logo" that corresponds to the app. most apps have both already created for them but some do not. so with the metaxml editor and any picture editor (such as paint) you can create or even edit existing apps the way you want them.

    1. open up the metaxml editor program, its compact and does not need to install on your pc.

    2. load the base_meta.xml that i included, this can be used as your base everytime. also, if you want to edit an existing meta.xml, then simply load the one you desire to edit instead.

    3A. once loaded the base_meta.xml will look like this:

    3B. simply go down through all the boxes replacing the current text with the details for your specific app. all can be changed.

    4. whenever done just simply "save as", and place it in your apps folder on your sd card. make sure it is named just meta.xml so it will be read correctly.

    5. then you need to create an icon.png, i used the basic microsoft paint, but any pic editor will work. i included a base_icon.png for the heck of it. its already the correct size & format, which is 128x48 .png format. you can open it with whatever program you choose and add text or pictures, change the color and font, basically customize it however you would like, as long as the size & format guidelines are met. when your done just simply "save as", and place it in your apps folder on your sd card. make sure its named just icon.png so it will be read correctly.

    6. your all done, place the sd card in your wii and check out how much better your app appears now.

    7. like i said this can be used for the creation of brand new ones, but can also be used to edit existing ones. so if you dont fancy a current apps meta.xml or its icon.png you can modify them to appease yourself. hope you enjoy.

    credit goes to WB3000 the creator of Wii MetaXML Editor.
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