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Thread: ISO Lag?

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    ISO Lag?

    I'm just curious... I'm using Neogamma 4 backuploader and a lot of isos load somewhat slowly like Rune Factory cutscenes, and certain parts in DBZ BT3 won't work. Is that just the way it's going to be or might there be something I could do? I've searched around but found nothing specific enough. Unless I'm blind (Which I wouldnt be suprised with at this point)

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    not sure on those two inpaticular. But read speeds on burnt media is 1/2 the rate of retail. So if the game needs large amounts of data faster than the media can supply.. you get graphical lag.

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    Ah I see. Is there any type of disk I can burn onto that isn't as slow?

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    Nope. Either retail, usb loading, or use a modchip. Softmoding simply cant read burnt media faster than 3x. On the flip though, USB loading is the fastest method and can only be achieved by softmoding.


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