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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl Camera Hack Question

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Camera Hack Question

    Ok, well I wanted to use this camera hack I've seen, the one by Igglyboo. I did the whole process of installing the Homebrew Channel, Wiicm, and Ocarina. Now I have to put the codes in a .txt file so I can get Wiicm to read it. Well, I'm not sure if I did it right: I put the game ID for SSBB, then I put the code in, so the file looks like this:

    Super Smash Bros Brawl

    Pause/Game Camera [Igglyboo, Link and Y.S]
    040A7D60 4E800020
    04109D88 38800001
    040A6C1C 60000000
    040A6C24 60000000
    040A6C2C 60000000
    040A6C48 60000000
    040A6C50 60000000
    040A6C58 60000000
    040AA84C 60000000
    040AA840 60000000
    040AA854 60000000
    080AA874 60000000
    20020004 00000000
    080A0690 60000000
    2004000C 00000000

    I loaded up the Wiicm, but I don't wanna put it in the game just yet, I don't want my game to screw up. So did I do it right and can I just put it in the game? I tried it on the Cheat Manager, and it froze, so idk.

    Here's what it is if you don't know:

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    We dont really do codes here, if your really looking for help on codes and stuff go to wiird forums, but... You need the APP Gecko Os 1.9 you use the code manager to make the code then use gecko os to launch the game, make sure on settings u have codes enabled.

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    If you use just wii remote to play it won't work
    it only works with wii remote & nunchuck, gamecube controller or wii pad thing

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    no ur problem is ur game ID is not suppose to be ssbb its suppose to be, well what are u PAL NTSC? where do u live uk usa? where it does mattar reply and ill help.


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