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Thread: !!!I Need Help With IOS(es) i Have Installed!!!

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    !!!I Need Help With IOS(es) i Have Installed!!!

    Hey all,
    I have IOS:
    55,53,61,60,38,16,254,51,10,50,36,28,22,14,37,33,3 5,34,31,30,21,20,17,15,13,12,11,9,4 installed on my wii v3.4E

    I checked this with any title deleter. if thats not right sorry im very noobish.

    Are any of the IOS(s) affecting my homebrew?
    I also really want to downgrade to 3.2E so it is easier for homebrew capabilities but i find when i run wad manager to install IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad i am given an ERROR! ret 1035.
    Also how do i check my wii serial number to see if im on lu64?

    if an people can help me solve my problems that would be great

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    No, none of those would be hurting your homebrew.

    Why do you think you need 3.2? That's a whole lot of trouble and it sounds like you just think you need it because your read some 6 month old guides that say you (did).

    Look at the Wii. The serial number is clearly visible from the outside, you dont have to take anything part. If you don't see a big number starting with LU64/LU65. Then.. it's not.

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    Thanks heaps.

    But what if i want to install wads and install backup loader to play burned wii games?

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    Then you just need to install a cIOS on your Wii and you'll be good to go.

    Easy way to get a cIOS on your Wii

    Oh and by the way to use the IOS16 hack you need to use the special IOS16 Wad manager. But as Ossot says don't do it, there's no need anymore.
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