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Thread: how to unformat wbfs

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    Angry how to unformat wbfs

    I mistaked formating a disk into wii wbfs, how can i unformat it back because the disk have very important data on it. I tried some data recovery software, but none of them can read wbfs, thanks for your help.

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    Sorry to break it to you but when you format it to WBFS it deletes everything on the drive..... the way to take it off is to just go into My Computer and you will see the drive and just click it and it will say "need formatting" or something like that. then it will prompet for a format. sorry bout your data

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    I think the data is still there. The format for WBFS takes only a second to perform so there's no way it changes much data on the drive. This is so very easily done.

    First place I'd look is some sort of Partition Recovery software but I really have no idea, just trying to help. Partition Recovery

    If something like this doesn't work you may be able to recover the data and you'll need a program that can read raw data. It's been years since I used this type of software but it did allow me to recover loads of stuff. I'm sure there's a way.

    Hope you didn't write any isos to the disc or you will have lost some of your stuff.
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    You may still be able to recover the data. The data will reside there until that cluster gets overwritten. The bad part is that you will have to format back to FAT16/FAT32 or NTFS, which will decrease the likelyhood of being able to recover the data. I have personally had success with UnDelete Plus (although I haven't used it after formatting partitions).

    Good Luck!

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    As the others have said, the data is still physically there. But finding a way to recover it.. outlook not so good.

    If there is a tool out there it's going to be hard to find, and it's definitely not going to be free. Not that I think someone using WBFS has any quams with pirating.. but it may be so rare/unique that it'll be hard to find a torrent for as well.

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    The format that is done to make a drive WBFS is similar to that of performing a 'Quick Format' in a Windows environment (in that the drive is flagged as being a specific format vs each and every track of the drive being rewritten to perform the format).

    You may have better luck going into windows, doing a quick format THEN trying to perform data recovery.

    No guarantees but best of luck to you.

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    Unhappy I have The Same Problem

    I have The Same Problem, but my sd card says that it is protected also in wbfs manger i try to delete a game and it stays on the sd card no matter what

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilcarlos07 View Post
    I have The Same Problem, but my sd card says that it is protected also in wbfs manger i try to delete a game and it stays on the sd card no matter what
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    I have had that very some problem. Formatted a 1TB External HDD NTFS to WBFS, losing all data everything lost. EVERYTHING!!! Then a found a Program that worked. EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard V4.3.6. I highly recommend it. Also I never formatted it with windows or did anything. Just left it as RAW. It works really.
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