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Thread: Does a Mod chip in the Wii allow for full function of?

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    Does a Mod chip in the Wii allow for full function of?

    the Games downloaded rather than buying the discs

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    A mod chip Allows you to play Backed up games, The Wii uses a anti pirating technology that checks the disc to make sure its a store bought original, a Mod chip bypasses the anti pirating technology in the Wii so you can make a back up of them so you dont ruin your originals. Really handy for people with younger children, they tend to be quite hard on things, so everytime they scratch up a backup your only out the price of the disc and not 60 - 80 dollars.

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    yeah but there is no a modechip that works 100% on all the games

    for now the most popluar modechip is wiikey,and its work 70%

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    That is the chip i will also get soon. Anyone knows what happened to team executer's wii chip?

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    How odd!!

    i do have cyclowiz and works 100% havent have a single problem and have all the latest games

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    The idea behind modchips is not, that you pirate games, but that you can backup them.

    Games disc get scratched easily and when your wii does not read the disc anymore you have to buy the game again ... thats would I like to call piracy!!!!

    But nobody of us is a pirate or wants others to become some .. so we use backups and everybody could be happy.

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    If you are installing yourself, go for the Yowii chip. They are much easier to solder. Best Wii Modchip - Program Yaosm, WiiFree, and other Mod Chip Codes

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    Thumbs down Beware of all the Wiikey Wannabe Modchips like the one above

    Genuine Wiikeys with official authentication hologram.......about $20 in your hand

    Easy install....easy solder or long wire...

    DVD UPGRADABILITY... is what sets the previous Modchips.....

    It may not be wise to believe everything you read especially if the poster is a reseller promoting their product.

    Before the D2C Chipped Wii's made their appearance...ONE of The best chips on the market was....the Genuine Wiikey with official authentication.
    hologram.....PERIOD! ROCK Solid and Stable since day 1.

    There are literally dozens upon dozens of other chips on the market.....also almost as many have come and if you are stuck with one of those ...Kiss your support good-bye

    Especially ones without dvd upgradability......

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    Thumbs down Freedom of choice

    I've been reading these forums for a few months but never had anything useful to post before now.

    The Wiikey is a good chip and worth using, but yowii is definitely easier to install. I've installed both and would much rather do another yowii than wiikey. The solder points on Yowii line up perfectly, which isn't the case for wiikey. Im talking about a quicksolder install.. if you are doing a wire install it really makes no difference except that yowii comes with a plug with wires to solder to the wii, then you just plug it into the chip.(half as much soldering and easy to remove)

    As for upgradeability, I much prefer the yowii method. Flash it with any open source you like that's compatible.

    You never have to worry about the company going under then.

    Plus, I've read there are drawbacks to dvd upgrade…

    1. If an update from Nintendo disables the chip, you cant update at all

    2. If a dvd can upgrade the modchip, so can Nintendo.

    Im not saying that you should go for yowii, because wiikey is a perfectly good chip, but its good to know that there are other options available.

    To me it seems more like you have a problem here… the guy doesn't look like hes trying to hide that hes a reseller,

    its right there in his signature.

    I notice you banned him too.

    Suppose I will get banned for this too… so hi and bye everyone.

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    Ca to wiikey or not to wiikey...

    Latest genuine wiikey points line up perfectly for easy solder method...

    however...technically...the easy solder method is very unflexible...and most may damage their drive board , should you ever have to remove it for whatever reason. .

    the wire install method is the best way to install the wiikey ...or any other similar type of chip.

    wiikey eeprom is 100% larger than the yowii pic chip ...twice the amount of space for future features and configuration expansion. (needed)just 1 of the main problems of the Pic chips other than your average end user would not want to get that involved with programmers...etc.

    wiikey dvd upgradabliity is easy and sample for the majority of end users..
    no need for external programmers...and specializes knowledge...very convenient. all new open source developers strive toward the ease of dvd upgradability. SOME CHIPS are just not capable as yet.

    really it doesn't matter that much if the wiikey goes under ( chip sales, plus other chips before for other consoles, proven track record..unlike others...) the wiikey code has been dumped...

    BTW...In a lot of countries it is legal to modify your consoles to play backups...and download legal backups.....can nintendo legally try to disable those too......

    and legal to make backups

    too much speculation....if this, if that, maybe this, maybe that......

    bottom line...
    wiikey...ease of use & upgradability...rock solid and stable...suitable for all
    yowii suits only a certain segment of more involved end users.....

    They both do what they are suppose to do.....for now

    anyways... enough said....gtg....

    Have a great day.....

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