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Thread: WSR! cant load it help( see pictures)

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    WSR! cant load it help( see pictures)

    hi ppl i`v got wsr jap copy from demonoids im on uk pal 3.2E with neo backup r4 and r 6 but cant get it to run. in the pic are the settings i use is it right. many do i need to change anything .
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    im having the same problem as you does anyone know why it's saying dol not found on sd card

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    the tips helps! but i do have a problem.

    The Wii Sports Resort i downloaded was already scrubbed and does not have the 'motion plus' video. Hence i couldnt do as the instruction says (it asks to watch the video once with alternative dol setting 'on', and then to disable it on the next run of sports resort.


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    Help me pleaseeeeeeeee.

    I followed all the instructions.WSR was scrubbed and I also changed all my settings in NeoGamma 6,downloaded the stuff from above.Launched the game and was soooo happy to see that video but that is not that what I was looking for(I wanna play that Game)

    Please help me!!!!!


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    uhm.. turn alternate dol OFF now?

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    I'll give it a try.

    Do I need Motion Plus for the game?

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    It worked.......

    Thank you ever so much

    But sadly I do need Motion Plus
    (guess I have to buy it)
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    Thanks for those links thelight. I would say that the readme instructions that came with the 2nd smaller download that included the NeoGamma V6 program weren't completely clear. You have to copy the neogamma folder to your SD card root and to the apps folder, making sure both contain the RZTP and boot.dol files. I initially just put the folder in the apps part of the SD card and when I tried the fix it said it couldn't find the RZTP file which then prompted me to see if it worked when I copied the folder to the SD root directory also.

    I just wanted to know if there is a way to get this game to work in CoverFloader? It works perfectly in neogamma but when I try it in CoverFloader I get the same 002 error. Presumably I have to scrub the ISO with WiiScrubber? If so, how do I go about this? I don't mind using neogamma but I like to be able to see the game covers in CoverFloader.

    Thanks for the help.

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    no dont scrub it, just use the 002 fix in usb loader, i only use GX, but your loader should have an option for 002 fix as well

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