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Thread: Clean up

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    Clean up

    Clean up some of the old stickies. Especially relating to softmod stuff. There's a lot of really dated information out there and it's only getting in the way. For example, the downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2 guide in the Homebrew section. I'm sure that was really useful when it was posted in November of 2008. But it's completely irrelevant now.

    If there was a ton of outdated and useless information about modchips floating around. I can't help but think it's be cleaned up so everyone would know how amazing modchips are. Can't the same courtesy be extended to the softmod sections?

    - edit -

    After looking around, ALL the stickies in Homebrew hacks/issues should be removed. Maybe with the slight exception of the Horrors thread. Even that is pretty oudated. Definitely the 3.X threads and the geckoOS stuff. I don't think anyone, at least in the soft mod world, still uses geckoOS.

    As for the Guides/Tuts section. There are about 500 different old guides confusing people. How to downgrade from 3.4. How to downgrade from 4.0. How to downgrade then upgrade then downgrade with a pink menu from 4.1. That's a TREMENDOUS problem for noobs. They load the guide section and see about 50 different things all telling them to do different steps.

    1 guide says downgrade to 3.2. One guide is how to upgrade to 4.0. One guide is how to install 50 different things on 3.2. Another guide says how to downgrade with those things still on it. Sysmenu 4.0 guide. LU64 fix. LU65 fix.

    The TBR solution works for ALL that stuff. It also permits preloader etc to be installed.

    1 - TBR guide.
    2 - Install Preloader guide. One part for 3.2, one part for 4.0

    boom. Condensing it down to those 2 simple guides will remove a TON of clutter without removing any actual content.
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    All of these are complete redundancy and/or outdated. Such as guides on downgrading from 4.0. With the progress made there's almost no reason to downgrade anymore. Infact, nearly everyone wants to go the opposite direction.

    Also, a few of these I clicked i've never even heard of. Tools from September of 2008. That's like an automotive site having guides on how to fix Model Ts.
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    Not to mention the 20 or so threads that were started about indiana jones and ghost busters. So yes i think is a very good idea to clean up this form.

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    The 50 "ghostbusters wont work" along with the, lol, 20 or so new "here's how i got ghostbusters to work" threads are annoying, ya. But the thing is, they will get buried just like anything else. As they stop getting bumped they'll drop down to the abyss of the forum.

    However, the stickies & things in the guide sections, they can't go anywhere. They will always be there. Sitting there like shining beacons to confuse the hell out of every noob that actually loads the guides/tuts sections.

    So ya, baby steps jon. The odds of getting MM to clean up the tuts is about 500:1. Getting a complete forum cleaning, go buy a lottery ticket in every country on earth then hit vegas. Because you got some insane luck.

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    I think that the 3.4 to 3.2 downgrade can still be used, I don't think everybody is on 4.0, there's a lot of people that can't even get hi speed internet because of where they live, so their Wii is still 3.1 or lower.
    My Wii is at 3.2 and I don't think I'll be changing it anytime soon, unless there is a final version of bootmii or something like that, that requires it. Besides, if the noobs are on 4.0 or 4.1 then they need to look at the right guides. Your right though about those noobs, digging up those old posts, maybe the old posts need to get locked or something, I hate reading where some noob replied to a post that had been dead for a year, and he's replying like it's current.

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    Downgrading from 3.4 to 3.2 CAN still be used. And thus we enter into the more complicated part of cleaning up. Figuring out what is relevant and what isn't.

    And btw, my wii IS 3.1 . With no plans on ever changing that fact.

    What i'm saying is, with something like the TBR guide. Something that works on ALL firmware and ALL serials. THAT should be the way up high stickied thread. The readme of all readmes. If someone wants a how to downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2 guide. They'll find that. That's pretty specific. The problem is these noobs that don't know up from down just see 500 different guides talking about how to do this how to do that. When all they really want is to burn a disc and have it work.

    Seriously, how many times do we see threads of "I looked around, but I didn't know which guide to actually use there are so many" and things of that nature?

    If someone wants to know how to downgrade upgrade downgrade install preloader bootmii softmii brickmii etc.. they'll go out and find the guide they need. But the guide/tut section being the way it is, it's not exactly fostering a welcoming and helpful environment.

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    No post or thread should ever be removed. (Unless its against site policies)

    That being said, a "Sticky" (Tutorials included) is usually a piece of information that the staff sees as important. If a "Sticky" becomes obsolete due to new techniques, it should just be downgraded to a common post or thread.

    No matter how trivial or obsolete a post (or obsolete Sticky) may be, you never know when somebody may be looking for a tidbit of information within that post or thread.

    As far as multiple threads concerning the same issue... well yes... those should have been dealt with at the time of the post, and merged.

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    if the thread is so old it is never used, delete it by all means!

    but i think the majority of good hackers on this forum still use good old 3.2. so be careful.

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    Or like, in the Homebrew section. The sticky letting everyone know cios rev8 is out.

    maan. good thing that's stickied. Where else would everyone get their 6 version outdated and never really used version of waninkoko's cios.

    And yes Theta. Whether people use 3.2, or 4.0, or 3.1, or 2.1 is not the question. The fact is there's about 50 threads that say, for example, how to downgrade from 3.4 to 3.2. The reason people needed and wanted to do that at the time was because the (then) new problems 3.4 presented. With TBR and other hacks there's extremely minor differences between system menus. Having 9 different threads detailing ways to upgrade and downgrade is confusing the noob. AGAIN. The noob doesn't know about upgrading or downgrading. The noob just wants a guide on how to get backups working. If someone actually thinks they need a certain system menu for some reason then they are informed enough they will FIND the guide without it being stickied. It can still be in the guides section. It just doesn't need to be a shining beacon of confusion.

    We're all really arguing about nothing though. MM has the motivation of an old fat lazy cat. I don't mean that as an insult at guy. But this site is a business model for modchipping. Not something to be maintained and cared for to help softmoding. What I don't understand though is why dogeggs or trek or someone else can't make the changes every regular knows the forums need. If those guys don't have the time, there are clearly people on this site with the free time, motivation, and qualifications to make changes that would only improve the site -- and thus sales.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ossot View Post
    All of these are complete redundancy and/or outdated. Such as guides on downgrading from 4.0. With the progress made there's almost no reason to downgrade anymore. Infact, nearly everyone wants to go the opposite direction.

    Also, a few of these I clicked i've never even heard of. Tools from September of 2008. That's like an automotive site having guides on how to fix Model Ts.
    i disagree. most of these sticky guides u have here are completely relevant and can be used as references for some time to come. i still reference them from time to time. why get rid of them, then all that info would be lost. now there are some instances where stuff is completely obsolete, and those should be cleaned up. you keep saying it confuses the noobs. well if the noobs would join here and read all the basic getting started guides like they are suppose to, then they would gain the knowledge to go out into the forums and find what they are looking. if someone cant look at a thread and see that it was made back in 2008 thus coming to the conclusion its out dated then thats there fault. in the end, its not the threads that are confusing people, its their lazyness to research and learn that leaves them confused. i think a good idea would be to create a guide section for only the basics, for the guides that explain the groundwork and introduction to softmodding. then after reading the basics guide section one should be capable of finding what they need in the other tutorial sections.
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