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Thread: Get a wii now or wait ?

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    Get a wii now or wait ?

    Hi everyone,

    I am planning on buying a Wii, but I am wondering if I should wait since the new version come with a D2C chip and there is yet no chip for it. I have a Xbox 1, with a mod chip, and there is no way my new console won't have one. The only modchip for d2c I saw was the D2CChip from wiikey, but it's just got out( october 10 ) and there is 30 wires.

    I know how to solder and know people, but with 30 wires, there is no way I gonna do it myself .

    And I don't know anyone in montreal region who does this kind of job (let me know if you know any )

    So should I wait for may be a newer version of the wii that might be easier to mod (not sure about this ).

    Get a Wii now (where I can find one) and wait for new mod chip or a newer version of the mod chip that would be easier ?

    I am also really interrested in playing online and I don't think the wiikey would let me do this right now ? Do you think it would be possible ?

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    TRy to find a shop where you can get a modded one or wait ... there are no good games out yet anway, maybe there will come out somthing good in the future ...


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