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Thread: WiiKey 2 Chip Installed, Mario Kart starts but then stops loading...

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    WiiKey 2 Chip Installed, Mario Kart starts but then stops loading...

    Hello All,

    New member to but have been in the last few weeks trying to read up on the Wiikey 2, Homebrew and all the other tidbits but I couldn't find an answer to my question.

    Recently, I got my Wii installed with the Wiikey 2 chip and the guy updated it with the latest firmware. My Wii is currently running the 3.1U firmware.

    Problem: I burned a copy of Mario Kart and when I load it into my Wii the program launches on the Wii Menu system (so I see the Mario Kart screen), I click "Start" and it seems to load up fine but then the tv turns black stating it can't read the disc.

    I burned my disc using Nero 9 at 4x speed and used a Maxell DVD-R.

    My question is, is it because of my Wii firmware 3.1U that's not letting the program start? Or is the DVD? Should I let my Wii update to 4.0...I'm reading mixed reviews about this. Some people state that with the Wiikey 2 chip installed, no Homebrew, that 4.0 should run all my games without issue but then I see all these forum sites telling you to downgrade to 3.2U. If I choose to install 3.2U, will Homebrew work with my Wiikey 2 chip?

    If you can reply directly or forward any good forums it would be greatly appreciated.


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    Us hmm...

    If you read my post below yours you can see my ideas about this. I'm going to install my Wii Key 2 today, and I'm going to play the games until I need the update because there's not much to do with the extra homebrew such as HBC when you have a wii key. A Wii Key is a hardware mod, so Nintendo can never nullify it through a firmware upgrade, hence why they've been changing the console so many times such as putting epoxy on it. It's safe to update, the only thing I see that's worth homebrewing in the HBC is the preloader/starfall programs which don't matter because Wii Key won't brick your wii and Virtual Console games. You can install them but it would be pretty stupid since Nintendo can tell if you paid for them either way, and if you're on a firmware that doesn't let bannerbomb or the twilight hack work (bannerbomb currently works on all, but this is future tense) , then they will know you have a modchip installed but they basically can't do anything to nullify it. I'd say it's safe but DON'T UPDATE USING ANOTHER REGION'S FIRMWARE. YOU WILL BRICK YOUR WII.

    Please correct me and be nice, since I am also a noob and was confused but that's how I think it all works based on reading everything.

    I would go ahead and update.


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