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    Lightbulb Wiinmote

    I just got my self a bluetooth adapter cause my friend (Hellblazer55) sent me this cool lil vid that shows you how to use your wiimote as a mouse for windows as well as a game controller.

    *It works GREAT*

    Problem... Windows doesn't seem to like the Wiimote. It tels you to enter this weird pass code on the Wiimote to connect. Thats great for a phone and all but the wiimote has no nice lil lcd display to tell you whats up. But this Bluesoleil prog connects with no problems.

    SO this software that this guy says to download is trial software, expires in 15 days and quits after 2mg of data is transferred. That works out to be about 5-10 minuets of mouse happy fun passing it to all to try in MsPaint.

    And my question.

    Is there another prog I can use to connect to my Wiimote or how can I get windows to skip this passcode thing?

    Thanks in advance

    O and I'll post the video if u guys want. Very very easy to follow!
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