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Thread: Wii Motion Help

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    Wii Motion Help

    I have 3.2e installed and Homebrew all works fine.

    I have just got motion plus and for some reason I am unable to watch the motion plus video? can someone tell me why and what I need to do?

    I played Grand Slam Tennis and it seem to work but I didnt notice a massive difference?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mine crashed out while using USB Loader too. I was trying to watch it playing Tiger Woods. I don't suppose it contains anything really exciting and I'd be surprised if it's not on youtube.

    I noticed a difference between TW 2009 and TW 2010 versions, whether it's all down to the new accessory or not I can't be sure. The remote doesn't seem to 'stick' anymore on the backswing or downswing, which is the major thing I noticed.

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    I agree with tealc99 no major difference, but i do love the TW2010...Keep up the good work with all your helpfull posts....


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